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CR Chart

character relationships.
Color coding is for losers. Also, these are in no particular order, and let me know if you want someone to be added.
Tiny icons from Famfamfam, table adapted from here and here. Code below.

Considers a friend.
Romantic feelings.
Might teach her something.
Wary of / doesn't trust.

Willow wasn't sure what to make of him at first. He's from the future, he says he has a soul, he says they get along when he is... It could've been a trick. But it seems like it wasn't, and gradually she's coming to trust what he says. If only he'd stop dropping spoilers and talking about his own death, she'd be a lot more certain on having him as a friend.


tony stark.
Okay, so she has a bit of a crush on him, but it's more of a hero-worshipping celebrity crush than anything. He's attractive and he's a superhero, what girl wouldn't notice? As she gets over that and the blush goes off the rose, Willow's coming to care about and appreciate him as his own person. At the very least, she worries for his well-being and validates him when he complains.


shinji ikari.
He's a nice kid her age who's stuck piloting something called Eva and saving the world on a regular basis. Willow can relate - a lot. Everything else aside, though, he really does need to get out more. She offered to be there if he ever needs a pep talk, and she's determined to live up to that.


robert fischer, jr.
They didn't get along at first. Actually, when they first met, they did little else but argue. Slowly Willow got the impression that he was that way with everyone and she shouldn't take it personally, and now it's just become part of his personality to her. After recently getting the suspicion that he's never had real friends before, she's decided to be his friend, whatever he (or anyone else) has to say about it.


yako katsuragi.
While not entirely sure what to make of Yako from her impressions from Neuro, she likes what she sees and definitely considers her a friend already. Yako is unjudging and emotionally honest, both qualities Willow values highly. She'd help her if she needed it for sure.


winry rockbell.
Willow did some research on homunculi for her that Winry seemed genuinely grateful for, and while they don't know each other well enough to quite be friends yet, Willow trusts her judgement. They talk to each other easily and seem to speak on the same wavelength.


franken stein.
Not gonna lie, he's kinda creepy, even aside from having a bolt in his head. Willow met him at the Halloween party and commented on his costume, where they proceeded to hit it off teacher/student style. He promised to teach her about soul theory and partnered fighting if she was interested, and, as a learnoholic, Willow was thrilled.


cross marian.
Another person that promised to teach her things, this time about exorcism. In exchange Willow promised to visit and bring the materials for the spell to restore a soul. She's going to be his daughter for the grab bag virus, which will give her plenty of issues to work through afterward.


donna moss.
She works at the White House! There's like four degrees of separation between her and the President! Now that's exciting. It helps greatly that she's easy to talk to and friendly - she doesn't act like Willow's an immature teenager, and Willow loves it.


marie mjolnir.
She works with Dr. Stein, would probably help teach her about the Soul Eater style of combat, and agrees with Willow on the aggravation of men. It's probably only a matter of time before they're friends.


As Willow said to Shiro, "she doesn't seem bad, just... bad at talking." That sums up her impression of Azula pretty well. While not exactly a friend - there isn't the easy give and take, and emotional connection, that Willow expects from friends - she doesn't have anything against her either. She's been through a lot and Willow doesn't mind helping.


dexter morgan.
Dexter is... kind of strange, but Willow is inclined to think well of him simply because he's clearly so attached to his son. He's going through a lot right now, and if the only thing she can do is listen, she'll do that.


nougami neuro.
Willow wants to like Neuro, but the way he treats Yako is weird and slightly creepy. Though neither of them says anything to acknowledge it, Willow is convinced there's something more going on. However, that's not necessarily her business, either - she's fine to talk casually and wait and see.


soma cruz.
Apparently the reincarnation of Dracula, Willow can sympathize with both the freaky circumstances of his life and how he seems to want to stay normal despite it all. Could easily become a friend in the future.


A cat demon. Or something. But not the kind of demon she's used to - he didn't deny that he kills people, which freaked her out, but eventually Willow started to understand that he didn't kill maliciously. Now she thinks he's a lot nicer than he seems and is curious to know him better.


temperance brennan.
Thought Angel was Booth, and was quite insistent about it. Bizarre.


itsuki koizumi.
Paperclip boy! He interrupted her thread with Shiro to clear up the confusion, and it was greatly appreciated. Willow likes him already, mostly because she likes information.


Winry said he was dangerous, and Willow doesn't like to take chances with that kind of thing, so when Envy offered to worldhop her she had to refuse. Despite admitting that he is dangerous, he seems to genuinely love sweets, and acts a lot like a kid. Willow's not sure what to do here but feel guilty for judging him based on secondhand information. But that doesn't mean she'll change her mind about distrusting him.


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